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    Amazon Gift Cards are an amazing gift option for indecisive individuals. What makes this gift so great is the fact that the recipient can choose between millions of items across Amazon’s store. If you’re worried that these cards will expire as most others do, don’t worry - gift cards never expire.

    Gift card recipients will be able to choose their own gift and purchase it on the spot. Or, they could wait for an awesome Black Friday sale and use the gift card to score amazing deals. If the gift card recipient, for some reason, doesn’t want to use the gift card and wants to exchange it for cash instead, that is also a viable option. They can sell the gift card code on various gift card exchange websites and services.

    Redeeming an Amazon Gift Card is both easy and convenient. The recipient receives a gift card with a unique code in their inbox. All they need to do is to log in to their Amazon accounts, open their account settings, enter the unique code, and the amount will be fully applied to their account. Very quick and easy.

    Once the amount has been applied to the recipient’s account, they can choose to spend it as they wish. Amazon always offers incredible discounts, so they might even get their favorite item on sale. Get your Amazon Gift Card now and surprise your loved ones.


Apple's M2-powered MacBook Air is $100 off at Amazon
Apple's M2-powered MacBook Air is $100 off at Amazon

Apple's MacBook Air M2 may not have completely reshaped the PC landscape like the M1 laptop did, but it's arguably the best version of the notebook to date. It earned a score of 96 from us and it would make a solid daily driver for anyone, from college students to working professionals. One of the few downsides is that the M2 laptop is more expensive than its predecessor, but now you can grab one for $100 less than usual from Amazon. The online retailer has the 256GB MacBook Air M2 in starlight for $1,099, which is the best price we've seen since launch.Buy MacBook Air M2 (256GB) at Amazon - $1,099The latest MacBook Air actually has a slightly different design than previous models. Apple moved away from the wedge shape and made the new laptop uniformly thin, making looking more like the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. Apple managed to increase the side of the Liquid Retina screen to 13.6 inches by shrinking the surrounding bezels, and while that's only a third of an inch bigger than previous displays, it has a more expansive feel. It also has the relatively new top notch that holds the machine's webcam. On top of that, you're getting improved speakers and a handy MagSafe power adapter in the Air M2's new design. Overall, it feels just updated enough to make a difference in daily use, but not so much that it will feel foreign to Apple diehards.As for performance, the MacBook Air M2 handled everything we threw at it. The M2 chipset builds upon the stunningly fast foundation that the M1 processor provided last year, so you can expect a roughly 18 percent performance increase. If you spring for the faster GPU version, you'll get a 35 percent faster graphics than in the M1 model.We found the M2 to be just as fast as the 13-inch MacBook Pro M2, so if you've been looking for a powerful new laptop but would like to keep things as thin and light as possible, you won't be sacrificing much by opting for the Air M2 over the Pro. The Air M2's battery life is even pretty close to that of the 13-inch Pro — the Air lasted about 16.5 hours in our testing, while the Pro lasted just over 17 hours.Follow @EngadgetDeals on Twitter and subscribe to the Engadget Deals newsletter for the latest tech deals and buying advice.

Over 700 UK Amazon workers walk out over pay issues
Over 700 UK Amazon workers walk out over pay issues

More than 700 warehouse workers at an Amazon warehouse in England walked out this week in a dispute over a pay increase, reportedReuters. Amazon did not agree to the hourly rate increase of £2 (or $2.44) requested by the trade union representing the employees, instead offering a raise of 34 pence. GMB, the trade union representing the employees at the Tillbury facility (a suburb of Essex in Eastern England), said workers walked out on both Wednesday and Thursday.“Amazon is one of the most profitable companies on the planet," Steve Garelick, a regional organizer for GMB, told ABC. “With household costs spiraling, the least they can do is offer decent pay.”Garelick posted video footage of the protesting Tillbury workers, who began their walkout shortly after Amazon delivered the news that it would not meet the union’s demands. Management reportedly "withdrew catering" at the facility, and told workers that they would be terminated if they left the premises.16.00 at Amazon Tilbury Essex today — Steve Garelick (@steve_garelick) August 4, 2022 GMB began campaigning for higher pay and better health standards for Amazon warehouse workers in the UK in 2013, even calling for a parliamentary inquiry into the company’s labor practices. Amazon doesn’t recognize the GMB union at Tillbury or any of its other warehouses across the UK.Dozens of Amazon workers at another UK warehouse — in Rugeley — also walked out yesterday due to a payment dispute. “Amazon Rugeley announced a 50p wage increase citing the local/Rugeley pay rate average. The news didn’t sit well with the associates and more than 100 people walked out in the canteen as a protest, which affected a lot of customer shipments,” an anonymous worker told The Birmingham Mail.