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Apex Legends™ - Octane Edition (Xbox Game EU)

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    Apex Legends - Octane Edition is jam-packed with cool features and additions. What makes the Octane Edition great is the fact that it comes with the Legendary Arachnoid Rush Octane skin, exclusive Violet Widow gun charm, legendary Archanoid Charge Rifle skin, exclusive venomous badge, as well as a thousand Apex coins.

    The story starts after the Frontiers war is finally over. Decades of conflict between the militia and the IMC have halted, and the Frontier is finally enjoying some peace. However, the world has suffered many consequences because of the war. Because the people didn’t have a way to support themselves, most of them were forced to leave home.

    Some individuals moved to the Outlands, which is a remote cluster of planets that were, fortunately, untouched by the war. However, even though the Outlands are full of life, there is still some danger lurking around the corner.

    Aperx legends - Octane Edition is guaranteed to provide you with excitement and fun. Players will be able to collect various crafting materials to create new pieces of loot. Once they’ve collected enough, users can go over to the Replicator to choose higher-tiered loots.

    World’s Edge has also been revamped by the creators. Now, users can observe geysers, changing leaves, as well as rocket sites that Hammond Robotics has deployed to transport resources from the planet. Lastly, users can complete daily and weekly challenges to boost their accounts and earn rewards like packs, XP boosts, and skins.


Apex Legends' Catalyst Is Giving Tarot Readings On Twitter
Apex Legends' Catalyst Is Giving Tarot Readings On Twitter

Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse is finally underway, and to help players get to know this season's debut legend a little better, Respawn is allowing Catalyst to perform tarot readings for players. The announcement was made via a Tweet from the official Apex Legends Twitter account inviting players to draw a card and (possibly) catch a glimpse of their future.Well then, I think it’s time for a little light reading.Think of something happening in your life—a situation, a question that has occupied your mind—and LIKE ❤ this tweet to draw a card. Let’s see the future you could make. pic.twitter.com/z1RxPT5gfU — Apex Legends (@PlayApex) November 4, 2022 To get your free tarot reading, simply like the tweet. After doing so, you will automatically be tagged in a tweet from the Apex Legends Twitter account and shown a random tarot card along with its meaning. All of the cards are Apex-themed, with the Major Arcana featuring art of Apex Legends characters and locales. For instance, The Moon card depicts Boreas' partially destroyed moon (and the location of this season's new map), Cleo. Naturally, Death features Revenant holding his Heirloom Weapon, a scythe called Dead Man's Curve. The Magician card appropriately pictures Seer in a pose that indicating he's about to put on a show.We couldn't resist taking a crack at it ourselves, and decided to try out a reading. After liking the tweet, we pulled The Sun, a card that's generally regarded as positive, and sometimes indicates future luck or a positive state of mind. The card itself featured Crypto and Wattson, and our fortune read, "Well, well, looks like things are going … well. Move forward with confidence and optimism. There's a win in your future--don't let anyone tell you otherwise."Continue Reading at GameSpot